To be a great photographer all you need to do is fall in love with your subject, there is no mechanical or digital instrument that can do that (not yet) and have compassion, that’s it. So fall in love, make mistakes, and enjoy the never ending learning experience. oh and here are some credits, just because: American Photo, Vanity Fair, Project Runway,Variety Magazine, Vogue Magazine, ROLEX, Vespa, YAMAHA, CNN, NBC, Atlanta Journal-Constitution, Google, The New York Times, The Los Angeles Times, The DesertSun, The Press Enterprise, Associated Press, Art Papers, Healthy Living, Enterate Magazine, Telemundo, Palm Desert Magazine, Palm Springs Life, Cherokee Homes, Farley Interlocking Pavers, Healing Fields, Rotary International, S.C.R.A.P Gallery, City of Cathedral City, Chopper Head Magazine, Desert Bay, Azur, Pinnacle communications, USDA, NARCS Parkinson’s Resource organization, Saint Baristo, Caroldean’s, Lexi Floral, Orco Pavers, Belgard Bradshaw construction, Palm Springs Int. Film ,Palm Springs Fudge Graphis Apeture Desert Magazine The Red Cross Leisuremax Eisenhower Medical Center Tarbell Realtors RPLA Jiffy Lube CSOD Viva Magazine The Post Weekly Atlanta City Magazine Atlanta Magazine Lowe’s GE Capital The Home Depot and more..

Pro Camera vs amateur camera, can you guess which is which?

Pro Camera vs amateur camera, can you guess which is which?

My Greatest Award

My Greatest Award


There is no greater award than being a parent for the first time, even though you will suck at it, nothing compares to that, except maybe rescuing an animal, both are an amazing thing, that no one will ever give you an award for, because having the opportunity to do both is it's own reward. anything else is secondary, but here it is:

California Governor’s seal of excellence in Photography

PPA excellence award in Business Management and PR

Excellence in Communication and media

California Artist of The Year Award

and more for my clients


Excellent people skills

Adobe Photoshop Master

E-commerce development (shopping Cart implementation)

Corel Painter 11

E-6, Color, B&W

Location Photography

Studio Management

Art Direction

DSLR, Medium format Digital, Large Format Digital Expert.

Commercial, Car, Architecture, Product, Fashion Photography


Current and Past Photo Credits

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Commerical Photography 
to help you sell your products.


Because a story sometimes
requires cinematic video.


Unforgettable post production 


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